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Federico Mahora

I am now selling products from the above company, which I believe will sit really well alongside the salon and Tropic products I already sell. 

What makes them stand out is their broad offer of perfumes and over 1000 excellent products which have won the hearts of customers worldwide.

Perfume is their flagship product. There are so many on offer, for women, men and the home. FM fragrances are are created by DROM Fragrances, the factory where the world's top famous fragrances are made. FM is also able to ensure prices are kept amazingly low, because of no expensive advertising campaigns and no celebrity endorsements.


FM do not dilute their fragrances as much as the other brands and so you get at least 16-20% parfum compared to 6-10% in the brand's Eau De Toilette. Contact me to find out if your favourite designer perfume is available in the FM range.

View the catalogue here or shop online here

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